How to Use Cashback - VIP Membership Guide

Did you purchase a VIP Membership and had cashback on orders, but you're unsure how to spend it? This guide will help you. Follow the steps below.


  1. Login to your store as a customer (using email and password).
  2. Add one or more products to the cart.
  3. Click on 'Cashback Balance' at the right side.
  4. Choose how much credit you want to use.
  5. Click Checkout. 
  6. Cashback will be spent on your order as a discount code.

What do you earn cashback for?

  1. You receive 4% cashback on the total price in your cart.
  2. Cashback is not earned on the discount amount in the order.
  3. Cashback is not earned on the shipping amount.
  4. Cashback is not earned for the Membership.

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