Troubleshooting Pictures Guidelines

Button Pictures

If requested, provide pictures of the buttons with the issue in the format below:

  • high resolution;
  • clear picture of the back;
  • clearly visible corners;
  • zoomed in and not smudged picture.

Machine Pictures

If requested, provide clear pictures of the manual press in the following format:

  • high resolution picutres;
  • enough light to see metal parts;
  • all angles repeating the guidelines below.
  1. Top down

  2. Left side view left, handle down (zoomed out)

  3. Right side view, handle up (zoomed out)

  4. Right side view, handle up (zoomed in)

  5. Right side view, handle down (zoomed out)

  6. Right size view, handle down (zoomed in)

  7. Front view, handle up


If requested, provide a video of operating the manual press without parts in the following format:

  • one point of view, no movemenet around;
  • whole machine and board are visible in the video;
  • enough light to see metal parts alignment and movement.